Audit completion January 2021

I have officially passed my provider audit!  It only took eight months of waiting, as well as investing several thousand dollars and 100+ hours of preparation time.  The National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDISQ&S Commission, or “The Commission” for short) advised me in January that I am registered to provide ongoing behaviour support and therapy until December 2023!

But, just when you think you are out, they pull you back in!

As a sole trading specialist, I am both a registered NDIS provider (organisation), and Behaviour Support Practitioner (person).  Each practitioner must remain a “suitable practitioner” as determined by the Commission.  All practitioners in Queensland were considered “provisionally suitable” by the Commission, awaiting their development and implementation of a  more thorough assessment process.   Well, the wait is over!

The assessment process within the Commission’s  Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework is due to formally commence in Queensland in April 2021.  We will then have 12 weeks to complete the process (by the end of June 2021).

As a practitioner with 20 years experience, I am seeking to be recognised as a specialist and advanced practitioner.  Assuming the best, I expect to be signing off on the work of my supervisees as they navigate the process.  However, this will only be possible if I have passed through the process myself.

So, consider me an early adopter!  I am well underway through the self assessment process and will update here as I progress through the various stages of self assessment, peer review with a supervisor, and endorsement of that review by the Commission.

Should the Commission have planned for this when they rolled out the assessment timeframes?  Should their process have started with more experienced practitioners so that they can then approve the self assessments of their supervisee?  Will chaos ensue in the apparent free for all that is about to unfold?  Time will tell.