February 2020

New Year – New Me!

Year 2AG (After Government) has commenced. The good news is that I have increased my work hours to five days a week. In the bigger picture and longer term, this should mean that I have more capacity to offer support. At a micro level, there has always been that one staff member who only works Tuesdays. I was finally able to see them on the job for the first time last week. #Winning!!

However, right now I am also preparing to go through audit process using the NDIS Commission’s Practice Standards. I have engaged with auditors QIP to complete the audit process. Having seen what happens when systems fail, I am fully supportive of the need for transparent standards. But, I am curious to see what the auditors think of the processes I have set up as a sole trader and whether I meet all the required indicators. If I need position descriptions and recruitment policy then I am in big trouble!

The net result is that with all the extra time spent preparing for audit, I have minimal capacity to take on new work for the foreseeable future! However, this may change on a week to week basis, so please get in touch if you think I might be able to help.