I made the decision in April 2018 to leave my front-line position and take up a sector development and training role with the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support.

Time since then has flown! I took on responsibility for delivering the Centre’s “Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support” and “Writing Positive Behaviour Support Plans” training in Brisbane, Ipswich and Cairns. It has been a great experience nurturing the sector’s next generation of plan writers and implementers. However, committing to a training calendar involved some unwanted flexibility in terms of needing to shuffle around my private practice days to travel far and wide delivering that training.

As the NDIS transition period progressed, I made the decision to resign from the government at the end of 2018, and to expand my private practice from one day per week up to four days per week in 2019. I have been preparing for that decision since the NDIS was first proposed, so it has been a watershed moment saying goodbye to my colleagues in the public service, some of whom I have worked with for over 15 years.

I am thankful for the trust and patience my clients have placed in me during 2018 whilst I worked only one day a week. I am excited at the opportunities that await in 2019 now that I can devote my full and undivided attention to my private work.